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Announcing 7in7 Scholarships!

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7in7 is all about creating community amongst experienced digital nomads and location independent humans. But you all know that our mission goes deeper. We aim to lift up the voices of underrepresented nomads and change the world of location independence so it’s more supportive of people of all nationalities, ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, and races.

With that mission in mind, we’re launching an awesome new program starting with 7in7 Year Three in Medellín…

The 7in7 Scholarship Program

We’ve offered discounted tickets in the past on a case by case basis, but we thought it was about time we made the process official. Now, with donations from our Year Three attendees and the wider community, we’re finally able to announce the 7in7 Scholarship Program.

Designed to help nomads from less wealthy nations and members of marginalized groups attend 7in7, the scholarship includes a ticket to 7in7 Year Three and a monetary stipend of US$200 to help cover food and accommodation. There are three scholarship spots available for 2018 and applications are open NOW.

This is a true embodiment of our mission and we’re so thankful to everyone who came together to make this happen. We hope to expand this program even more in the coming years!

THE LAST DAY FOR SUBMISSIONS IS AUGUST 31, 2018! So hurry up and get your application in today!

Kit A crazy cat lady and cheery extrovert, Kit has made her living as a marketing consultant since she began digital nomad life a decade ago. She’s also the founder of Nomad + Spice, an awesome podcast for location independent women.