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7 conferences. 7 years. 7 continents.

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Yes, we really mean all seven. Yes, including Antarctica. Mark your calendars for 7in7 2022: Southern Ocean edition! Bring dramamine and a warm coat.

But before that epic finale we have seven six years of amazing conferences to plan. We’re a team of digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent entrepreneurs who are coming together to make nomad life better. And we need you to do it.

7in7 is about improving our lifestyles,not just our businesses.

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We believe that location independence isn’t just something you do for a few years in your twenties before “settling down.” It’s one of the pillars of the future of work, not to mention an amazing way to live.

There’s no denying there are challenges. Anyone who’s lived this way for more than a few months knows there’s more to it than just making money from a laptop.

From finding a nomadic soulmate and (possibly) having kids on the road, to setting up a remote team and building a long-term passive income strategy (even nomads want to retire someday!) - there’s a lot to figure out.

But mainly this is about building community.

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There’s nothing quite as life-changing as finding more of “your people” - and that’s what we hope to accomplish with each year of 7in7.

Plus incredible speakers, meetups for every interest, volunteer opportunities, and maybe even a packing contest or two.

This is your conference. We’re just making it happen. Got an idea? Get in touch with the team and let’s do this!

Join us in 2017

Our second conference is happening inBarcelona in October 2017.

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One hundred nomads are gathering to learn from each other and make nomad life better. Come and join us! Tickets are on sale right now.