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A 7in7 Year Four attendee enters the venue amidst a flurry of bubbles

The Apprenticeship

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7in7 will be bringing on two apprentices for Year Five! A 7in7 Apprenticeship is a part-time role that is not only a crucial part of the team, but also an opportunity for newbie nomads to get guidance from our co-founders on how to navigate location independent life.

With over 25 years of combined nomad experience across multiple industries, we help our apprentices avoid the common pitfalls that so many of us fall into as we make the switch to remote life. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

We’re looking to fill two roles:

  • Outreach Assistant: This person will help the team find, research, and reach out to potential attendees to help sell tickets and fulfill our super cool event plans.
  • Social Media Intern: This person will help the team with social media in the months leading up to the conference, and provide support during the main stage days. You’ll need to know Canva, Instagram, and Buffer.

Candidates would need to be available for 3-5 hours per week starting in May and going until the conference ends in October.

Complete newbie or #wannabenomad? We’d love for you to apply!

Applications are due by April 3rd, 2020.

Why We’re Doing This

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The 7in7 team puts on a conference for experienced nomads, but we also want to guide more people into the lifestyle. As a core team of volunteers organizing an entire conference, we could also use some help!

Past apprentices have continued on with their location independent journeys, and one of them even put down their deposit for Antarctica! We absolutely loved opening this door the past two years and we’re super excited to continue in 2020.

We want to coach individuals who want to become digital nomads (or newbie nomads who need some help navigating location independent life) so they form a solid foundation for their digital nomad lives. And we get a bit of support in return!

Meet your mentors:

Kit Whelan

Kit Whelan. Kit runs a location independent digital marketing consultancy, and over the past decade she’s worked with everyone from B2B tech firms to luxury and boutique hotels. She came out of the ad agency world and now focuses on strategy, content, and social media marketing. She has no home base and loves being a total nomad.

Nick Schneble

Nick Schneble. Nick’s been coding for over 20 years. As a nomadic software engineer, he’s worked with major brands like Disney and Adobe, but now focuses his time on remote clients and handling 7in7’s finances like a Swiss bank. He prides himself on his minimalism and loves to nurture creativity.

Kyrie Melnyck

Kyrie Melnyck. Kyrie ran major corporate events for years. Since becoming a nomad, she’s worked on different remote teams in roles ranging from customer support to event planning. She loves to foster connections through community.

Who We’re Looking For

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Women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and members of other marginalized groups are encouraged to apply!

This isn’t some boring, vanilla internship. We want someone early in their nomadic career who wants to guarantee their location independence for the rest of their life. You’ll obviously be helping us grow, and in return we’ll help mentor you into a fierce nomad tour de force.

About the Conference

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Our apprentices will be an extension of the core 7in7 team, and help us literally create the stage for the one-on-one conversations that are the most important part of 7in7. Please check out past years to get a sense of what we’re looking to accomplish:

Placeholder image for the 7in7 Year One conference page
Placeholder image for the 7in7 Year Two conference page
Placeholder image for the 7in7 Year Three conference page
Placeholder image for the 7in7 Year Four conference page

There’s a lot to do. Social media is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s some areas where we’ll need your help with outreach assistance:

  • Researching new potential attendees
  • Doing attendee outreach via email & social media
  • Finding new opportunties for promotion

Things to Know

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Things to know about a 7in7 apprenticeship:

  • There’s two monthly video check-ins. The 7in7 team has a monthly all-hands meeting and a monthly all-hands retrospective, and as part of the team – you’ll be joining us for both.

  • It’s okay to be an inexperienced nomad. We require all attendees and volunteers to have been location independent for at least a year, but the point of this apprenticeship is to help graduate someone into that year of experience. Whether you’re a few months into your nomad journey, just getting started, or interested in becoming location independent, we want to hear from you.

  • We want to get to know you. If we like your application, you’ll have a call with a member of our team. We’ll chat about why you’d like to get involved with 7in7 and what you have to contribute.

  • We love sticking to a clear schedule. If accepted, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement to participate in 7in7 Year Five. Apprentices will be expected to adhere to a schedule that includes weekly tasks and deliverables.


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We believe in compensating people for their work. 7in7 is a community event run entirely by volunteers (even the co-founders) so we don’t have much of a financial budget.

You’ll receive:

  • Two all-access tickets to 7in7 Year Five in Cape Town, South Africa. Two days of main stage events, three days of workshops, meetups, kickoff festivities, and our annual closing night party are yours to enjoy. A US$1,198 value. Share the extra ticket with your partner, your BFF, or a total stranger you want to impress!

  • A meal stipend of US$100 to use for food and drink during 7in7. We want to make sure you’re well fed and hydrated! The stipend should cover about 50 iced rooibos teas.

  • A monthly coaching call with a 7in7 co-founder. Want to pursue social media consulting, event planning, or simply improve your nomad skills? Our experience and expertise is at your disposal. We’ll do everything in our power to take you from nomad newbie to a confident location independent badass.


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We’ll notify applicants of their status during the week of April 6th, 2020.
Keep an eye out for our emails!

Please only apply if you can give 3-5 hours per week from May to October.
Applications are due by April 3rd, 2020.