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What the fork is the 7in7 Society?

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Wouldn’t it be great to spend more time with your friends? Living a location independent life can be tricky, and coordinating travel plans isn’t always possible. While 7in7 provides an amazing opportunity to gather with your people, it (sadly) only happens once a year.

The 7in7 Society lets you keep the magic going the rest of the time!

7in7 Year Three Event Squad blowing bubbles 7in7 Year Three attendees chatting outside Casa Teatro
7in7 Year Three attendees doing an introductory fist bump Nomad gamemaster running onto the 7in7 Year Three stage

It’s an online community exclusively for experienced digital nomads, so you’ll be interacting with the same awesome humans you’d meet and mingle with at a 7in7 Conference.

Plus! Monthly expert sessions with 7in7-quality speakers, coworking hangouts, seasonal challenges, nomad achievement badges, and 20% off your ticket to 7in7 Year Four ✨

Learn more about the 7in7 Society right here!

Nick Nick’s been coding for over 20 years. As a nomadic software engineer, he’s worked with major brands like Disney and Adobe, but now focuses his time on remote clients and handling 7in7’s finances like a Swiss bank. He prides himself on his minimalism and loves to nurture creativity.