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Meet the Speakers for 7in7 Year Five!

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Can you believe it’s been three years since the last 7in7 event?! It feels like a lifetime!

We cannot wait to get the whole community back together and welcome you all to Montréal!

Our team has been hard at work prepping for this, and now we’re thrilled to introduce you to the speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders who will be joining us in Montréal for 7in7 Year Five!!

This list will be updated as more speakers are confirmed.


Audrey Julienne

Should I Plan or Should I Go?

Audrey is a veteran 7in7er who works as a coach and mentor for managers, entrepreneurs and students alike, putting her 10 + years of remote work experience at the service of building a more intentional lifestyle for individuals and businesses. She helps overworked individuals take control back over their time and their lives because she knows that the more people become intentional with their actions, the more freedom they will experience.

She’ll be running a workshop to help us explore: What if I can’t seem to find my groove with nomading the way I used to? The pandemic did a number on most of us, and Audrey knows a little bit of preparation to find the work/fun balance in our nomading days is going to make us feel more fulfilled on every level. In this workshop, you will find a space to regroup, identify your priorities and reshape your days to make them truly enjoyable for the non-conventional people that we are.

Jeff Harry

Embracing Your Fears: We, Not Me

Jeff Harry combines positive psychology and play to heal workplaces, help teams build psychological safety, and assist individuals in addressing their biggest challenges. Jeff has been featured in the NY Times, Mashable, Upworthy, Shondaland, & Wired and worked with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Jeff’s main goal is to help work suck less by assisting leaders in building a playground atmosphere that motivates people to do their most vibrant work.

He’ll be running a workshop at 7in7 to explore how so many of us have something we really want to do with our lives, but we’re afraid. We’re scared to quit our job, start a business, or have THE conversation. In this experiential workshop, we’ll deconstruct our strongest fears, then understand where those fears connect with other people’s. We’ll practice techniques in real-time which will help you reduce your fear, regardless of the situation. And you’ll leave ready to finally do The Thing!

Kayla Kurin

Mining Your Life for Profit

Kayla Kurin is a nomadic writer from Canada. She is the author of Where Can I Find Wifi? Work Anywhere, Travel Forever: Tales of a Digital NomadThe Nomadic Art of Budget Travel, and the Yoga for Chronic Illness series. Her health, travel, comedy, and fiction writing has been featured across the internet.

She’ll be running a workshop at 7in7 to explore how we’re sharing our lives online. Whether it’s creating content (writing, video, audio, etc.) about your life and selling it, or posting about your life on social media or in newsletters as part of your business or personal brand, this workshop will look at the ways we share our lives for profit, how that shapes our identity, and what unintended consequences that might have.

Maria Kinoshita

Coliving: Finding and Creating Your Community

Maria is a global citizen with roots in Africa, Japan, and France, and calls Canada her home base. While running a corporate/institutional eLearning agency and working fully remotely, she discovered coliving spaces as a customer before committing to building Nomad Coliving (Noco), the first coliving space in Canada. Noco is a human-centered and sustainable passion project designed to support the digital nomad, remote working and entrepreneurial lifestyles.

She’ll be running a workshop at 7in7 designed to not only help you become a more discerning patron of coliving spaces, including how to evaluate communities and their pricing, but she’ll also be sharing her years of hard-won knowledge for those of us who are dreaming of investing in or founding our own communal living spaces in the future. She’ll go over common challenges, from financing to day-to-day operations, and how to overcome them.


Angie Cole

What’s Next for Digital Nomads with Neuroqueer Brains

Angie Cole is a force of nature — soft and subtle, fierce and unstoppable. She is a coach and mentor for Responsible Renegades and Rebellious Rule-Followers. Her emerging body of work centers around re-orienting our individual and collective relationships to money, leadership, instinct and power. With a heart full of wanderlust, Angie is at home in the unknown and unpredictable. 

She’ll be on the stage to explore some of the terms used to describe the lived experience of many humans at 7in7: neurodivergent, neurodiverse, and neurospicy. Whether you choose to claim that distinction or not, every 7in7er is navigating life in an unconventional way. Looking at our nomadic experience through the lens of neurodiversity can be especially helpful at this moment of our global and cultural evolution, not just for nomads but for everyone.  As “neuroqueers”, we have a lot to teach the world about how to thrive in the unknowable and ever changing.  

Cassandra Le

Multicultural Humans: Where do we fit in & belong?

Cassandra (she/they) is a first-generation Vietnamese-American immigrant living in Spain. She’s also a brand and visibility strategist helping BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist-run brands amplify their message, connect with their community, and enact change through their business and marketing.

She’ll be talking to us about the many layers to our identities as nomads. She’ll help us navigate and get curious about our cultures, identities, and the relationships and messages we each share as a multicultural human who’s neither here nor there.

Dimple Dhabalia

How to Mindfully Navigate the New Realities of Nomadic Living

Dimple addresses individual and organizational trauma using mindfulness and positive psychology. After almost two decades of living, working, and traveling in over 40 countries, and serving the most vulnerable people in the world, she creates brave spaces for leaders to learn how to preserve their humanity as they work to preserve it for others.

She’ll be taking to the 7in7 stage to talk about how the onset of a global pandemic, an uptick in racial and social injustices around the world, armed conflicts, assaults on women’s rights, grief, and other everyday stressors have left many digital nomads feeling disconnected, ungrounded, stagnant, and unable to thrive. Using this new reality as a backdrop, Dimple will share what pop culture articles and social media reels fail to mention about our ability to flourish through adversity – that it’s not something we have or don’t have, but rather something we can train and develop in our minds and bodies, ultimately leading to deeper community bonds across the globe and a more joyful and sustainable nomadic lifestyle.

Lyda Michopoulou

How can we make the communities we live and travel to more inclusive?

Lyda (they/them) is a nomadic professional coach working in the field of transformational life coaching. Their passion for change has allowed them to transform both personally and professionally and to support young individuals exploring notions such as self-love, self-acceptance, feeling of inclusion, gender identity, and sexuality. Their motto is inclusion is a way of life, you decide how to walk it!

They will be talking to us about how we can make the communities we live and travel to more inclusive for ourselves and others. Lyda will share their journey of navigating the world and the communities they belong as a non-binary person.


Tiff Ng

The Nomad Impact

Tiff Ng is the Founder and Chief Storyteller at The Social Story. She is passionate about empowering people to tell their stories in meaningful ways through social. Tiff focuses on how businesses can build lasting relationships that inform, inspire and activate their audiences. Moreover, she looks at ways that social can be a tool for social impact – from how we can make it more accessible to how we can promote ideas of inclusivity and sustainability with every post.

She’ll be taking to the 7in7 stage to moderate a panel that explores how nomads have the power to make change, both by structuring our businesses and organizations to give back, and through our individual actions to benefit the communities that we visit.

Carolyn Lewis

The Nomad Impact

Carolyn is the Head of People and Culture for the social enterprise, Nomads Giving Back!, working collectively towards the mission to build communities and a sense of home around the world where nomads and locals integrate, empowering each other through empathy, collaboration, support, cultural exchanges, activism, education, idea & skill sharing, relationship-building and more, to create positive social impact.

She’ll joining a panel on the 7in7 stage to explore how nomads have the power to make change, both by structuring our businesses and organizations to give back, and through our individual actions to benefit the communities that we visit.

Cyrielle Noël

The Nomad Impact

Born and raised on the river island of Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal), and a global traveler, Cyrielle is one of a few Canadian marine spatial planners. She is also the founder of Eau daCité whose vision is to reconnect cities, citizens, and companies to the original source of urbanization: waterways, by having the “audacity” to prioritize blue spaces in the context of sustainable development. She is also a board member of the Foundation of Environmental Stewardship and in her spare time she volunteers with the Global Shapers.

She’ll joining a panel on the 7in7 stage to explore how nomads have the power to make change, both by structuring our businesses and organizations to give back, and through our individual actions to benefit the communities that we visit.

You do NOT want to miss this awesomeness! These amazing nomads will be sharing stories, wisdom, laughs, and hard-earned knowledge in Montréal this September. Have you got your ticket?

Get your ticket today!!

See you in Canada, nomads!!

Kit Kit has been a digital nomad since 2009 and loves every bit of the location independent lifestyle, except that she can't have a cat. In addition to co-founding 7in7, she runs a social media consulting business and co-hosts the Nomad + Spice podcast.