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A 7in7 Year Three attendee filling out a Nomad Bingo card

Let’s Get You Conference Ready

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Have a question about a topic not covered here? Have a glance at our FAQ and if you’re still not intellectually satisfied, go ahead and give us a shout.

never been to a 7in7 Conference

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Welcome! Here’s what to expect. 7in7 isn’t just a conference, it’s a whole week of activities punctuated by official events and attendee-led meetups.

Think of it more like a visit to Disneyland. You may have come for the parade and nighttime fireworks, but in the meantime you’re going to enjoy the rides, meet colorful characters, and eat way too many churros. You can do it all solo, but it’s more fun with friends.

Need advice on where to stay during the conference? We’ve got a neighborhood guide and a breakdown of last-minute budget accommodation options.

got your NZeTA

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The only thing that matters before you fly to New Zealand. It’s a simple form and a quick NZ$12 payment and you’re good to go. Details on the 7in7 blog.

Note: You’ll also need to pay NZ$35 for New Zealand’s new “International Visitor Levy” when you apply for your NZeTA, to support conservation and sustainable tourism.

read this year’s schedule

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The action begins on Tuesday, October 22nd with the Welcome Happy Hour and continues through Wednesday, October 30th with our Volunteer Opportunity.

There’s a high-level infographic on the homepage, a gloriously-detailed PDF document, and if you’ve got the meetups app you can tab through the individual days and events.

joined the Year Four attendees Facebook group

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It’s the place-to-be before you get to Wellington. Need a last-minute road trip buddy or a couch to crash on for a night? The Year Four Attendees Facebook Group is your jam.

Find your friends and meet fellow attendees!

downloaded our meetups app

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The crux of the 7in7 experience are the attendee-led meetups. They tend to start about a month before the conference when attendees begin to arrive, and usually continue for a couple weeks after the conference ends.

There are meetups for anything and everything. Burgers. Movies. Game nights. Cat cafes. Hikes. Tech startups. Drinking wine. Overwhelmed? We’ve got a guide.

There’s both an iOS app and a mobile-optimized webapp for hosting and joining meetups, so you can browse on your phone, create on your laptop, and join on your tablet.

Note: If you’ve never logged into the app before, enter the email address where you receive messages from 7in7 and click the link to send yourself a passphrase reset email.

signed up for workshops

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All 7in7 tickets include free entry to two workshops. They’re small, classroom-sized affairs that take place on the days surrounding the main stage days of the conference.

You can read about this year’s workshops on the 7in7 blog, then head over to the workshops page to make your picks. It’s first-come, first-served, so best not to dally.

Note: Space permitting, you can sign up for additional workshops for US$17 each.

read up on New Zealand SIM cards, coffee, and road trips

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You don’t come all the way to New Zealand to ignore the good stuff. The 7in7 blog is bursting with essential deets on how to get a SIM card after you land, where to road trip en route to Wellington, and the best caffeine fix once you arrive.

learned about our venue and where to work nearby?

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Our Year Four venue is the National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa. Get to know it before you step inside! We’ve also got you covered on where to work before, during, and after the conference.

packed for spring weather

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IT IS NOT SUMMER. It’s spring in New Zealand, and it’s lovely, but you’re going to need a light jacket to resist the elements. Just follow our packing guide and you might survive.

Got more questions?

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Have a question about a topic not covered here? Have a glance at our FAQ and if you’re still not intellectually satisfied, go ahead and give us a shout.