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COVID Update

Listen. This pandemic sucks. But just because we can’t always gather together doesn’t mean we’re alone. We’re digital nomads and we know how to build digital community better than anyone. WE WERE BORN FOR THIS.

That’s why we’re hosting dozens of digital events in the 7in7 Society to combat the loneliness and isolation and allow our community to thrive! Come join us 🙂


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The conference will be held in the beautiful Canadian city of Montréal! This city has it all: beautiful architecture, a world-famous street art scene, a gorgeous mountain park right next to downtown, a bilingual population, and it’s the most affordable city in all of the US & Canada! Not to mention their famous bagels (that are different – dare we say better? – than NY bagels), huge bowls of poutine, and smoked deli sandwiches. Our mouths are watering already!


The last two years have taught all of us to be flexible with our plans. The good news is that adapting is what nomads are best at! In that spirit, we strongly encourage all attendees to book flexible or refundable transit and accommodations, as well as travel insurance, because none of us knows what the future holds. If a surge in cases and/or local restrictions cause us to have to postpone the conference, your ticket will be good for future dates. As always, if you can’t attend a future event, you can transfer your ticket to someone else!


Our next conference will happen in Montréal from September 7 – 13, 2022.


We are excited to hold our Year Six conference in Cape Town! Specific dates will be announced in 2022 after we’ve sorted everything out for Montréal.


Your safety is our highest priority, so we are planning to require all attendees to be fully vaccinated (including any recommended booster shots, if applicable) for all 7in7 events from now on. Masks and negative COVID tests may not be used as a substitute for being vaccinated. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from getting vaccinated, you will be accommodated with proper documentation from a doctor provided in advance.


It’s difficult to say right now what events will look like later this year, but we will defer to expert medical guidance at the time. Our first priority will be to protect the health of all attendees, staff, and the local community. We anticipate that masks will still be needed for some indoor events, and masks will be provided if you forget to bring your own.


We’re here for you! We get together every week for coworking sessions, movie nights, games hangouts, and other fun events in the 7in7 Society. Join us!

Since this is an unusual year, we’re also looking at potential virtual options for this year’s conference in Montrêal. We don’t have anything definite yet, but we’ll let you know if and when we do!


As for Year Seven in Antarctica, we’re in the process of working out what this postponement will mean for those dates. We’ve already been in touch with our Polar Planning Team and we’ve confirmed that we have lots of flexibility if and when we need to move the sailing date. If you’ve already put down your Antarctica deposit, we’ll keep you in the loop as we make decisions about shifting the date from late 2023 to either early or late 2024. We don’t expect to make these decisions until spring 2022.


We’ll be postponing our Antarctica Payment Plan until at least mid–2022. If you’ve already made your deposit, rest assured that your spot is secure.


We never said they had to be consecutive years 😉

Don’t worry – 7in7 is still committed to 7 conferences over 7 continents to bring nomads together and create community for the rest of our lives.


We will be keeping an eye on the situation across the globe. If we have any doubts about our event being unsafe, we won’t hesitate to reassess and move the dates once again. The safety and sanity of our community and the local host city is our primary concern.


Back in 2020 we scaled back our monthly operating costs to the absolute bare minimum, cutting over 50% of our expenses. We’re always 100% open about our finances and where your money goes, and you can read all about our financial situation here.

Full Disclosure: We were denied a small business loan early in the pandemic that would’ve helped sustain us, so if you’d like to help the best thing you can do is join the 7in7 Society!


You’ve got two options. If you’re unable to attend the conference, you can have your ticket apply to Year Six in Cape Town instead. You can also transfer your ticket to someone else, so they can attend Year Five in Montréal. You can start the process right here.


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