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7in7 Year Four attendees posing for a photo in front of 7in7 balloons

What’s a 7in7 Scholarship?

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The 7in7 scholarship program is a way for digital nomads from less privileged backgrounds to attend this year’s conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Funded in part by donations from our attendees, the program enables our community to give back and enrich itself with new voices that may otherwise go unheard.

Let’s bring more amazing nomads to 7in7!

Why We’re Doing This

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It’s expensive to attend an international conference. Travel is a privilege, and not all passports are created equally. If you’re a location independent human, and the main thing keeping you from 7in7 is a costly flight or visa, then we’d like to do something about it.

The 7in7 team puts on a conference for ALL experienced nomads, and no one should be excluded from attending who wants to be there.

Who We’re Looking For

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Digital nomads and location independent humans for whom travel to Cape Town represents a significant hurdle, in particular those from Africa and the Middle East.

People from developing nations, women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and members of other marginalized groups are encouraged to apply!

Things to Know

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Things to know about a 7in7 scholarship:

  • There’s no catch. What’s covered by our scholarship program is laid out below. If you’re accepted, you’re an attendee. Just with a little help.

  • We want to get to know you. If you submit an application, you’ll have a chat with a member of our team where we’ll talk to you more about why you’d like to attend 7in7.

What the Scholarship Covers

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What’s covered by the scholarship?

  • One all-access ticket to 7in7 Year Five in Cape Town, South Africa. Two days of main stage events, three days of workshops, meetups, kickoff festivities, and our annual closing night party are yours to enjoy. A US$599 value.

  • A monetary stipend of US$200 in order to offset the cost of your flight to Cape Town. We can also try to help you find affordable accommodation in the city.


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We’ll notify applicants of their status during the week of April 6th, 2020.
Keep an eye out for our emails!

Applications are due by April 3rd, 2020.