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Antarctica Preview

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7in7 co-founder Kit Whelan sat down with Heather Thorkelson at Year Two in Barcelona to discuss everything Antarctica and offer up a preview of Year Seven.

As a digital nomad and the co-owner of Twin Tracks Expeditions, Heather has already been to Antarctica 30+ times. She knows it all, and she’ll be spearheading this grand adventure.

Who’s ready to camp with 50,000 penguins?

The Facts

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Amundsen. Shackleton. Scott. At the turn of the 20th century, these intrepid explorers braved the unknown to conquer the wilderness of the Antarctic continent.

A hundred years later, we get to follow in their footsteps... with showers and wifi.

Antarctica is unlike anywhere else. We’ve all seen Planet Earth. We know it’s dope, with towering glaciers, expansive penguin colonies, and maybe even Morgan Freeman. We’re gonna see it all, and we want you with us. But first, some ground rules.

  1. This sort of trip takes years to plan, and right now the most important thing we need is an accurate head count. The more nomads attending, the better rates we can negotiate.

  2. It’s a non-refundable US$1,000 deposit to claim your spot on the waitlist. If you’re interested, do this as soon as possible.

  3. This isn’t going to be your typical 7in7 Conference. Forget the traditional lineup of speakers and workshop leaders. Details to come as we get closer to 2022.

We can’t wait to finish this 7-year journey with you.

And penguins.


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Antarctica is actually mostly land, not ice. So even if all the ice melts away we’re still going to see the unique wildlife and such. In fact, it’s likely it’ll be green in summer anyway!

But if some catastrophic event prevents the conference from going forward, will you get your money back? In short, probably not.

If we’ve already paid the deposits to the ship, we’d have to see if they’d refund us first. Since we haven’t signed the contracts yet – they won’t lock us in until around March 2021 – we can’t guarantee that.

TLDR: Probably no refunds.

That being said, there’s a 99.99% chance the conference will go forward, so hopefully this won’t be a concern.


It depends on the ship. Which depends on the number of deposits. It’s a bit circular, but the number of available spots quite literally relies on how many nomads join the waitlist.

There’s already 10 confirmed attendees, plus the 7in7 co-founders.

Once we sign contracts and lock down a ship, the number of open spots could become more limited. If you’re serious about attending, it’s best to claim your spot now.


We’d very much like to limit participation to previous 7in7 attendees, volunteers, and speakers.

This isn’t meant to be an easy way to check off a bucket list item. It’s a victory lap for an amazing conference that’s brought together so many wonderful nomads.

If you’ve got 🐧 fever and an irrational desire for a polar plunge, there’s still a couple years of conferences between now and then. Join us! We don’t bite.


Yes! You can bring a significant loved one. This could be your partner or one of your parents. Just make sure you let us know this is the case when you claim your spot(s).

Keep in mind that no one can attend for free, even children, and most ships don’t accept anyone younger than 12 years old.


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