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We’re no longer accepting speaker applications for 2017. It’s a bit early for 2018, but if you’re serious about speaking, get in touch.

Know someone who’d be a great speaker? Tell us!


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Want to join the growing 7in7 team? We’re all set for 2017, but let us know if you’d like to be involved in a future conference!

If you have suggestions or would like to help in other ways, get in touch.


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Want to be an official sponsor of our Year Two conference in Barcelona? We’re looking for monetary sponsors, perks such as digital memberships and apps we can give to our attendees, and we’re also quite fond of product giveaways.

Get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking.


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Want to cover 7in7 Year Two in Barcelona? We have a limited number of press passes available for our 2017 conference. Get in touch and let us know your angle, along with your current publication and any prior writing samples.

Nomad Support Squad

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The Nomad Support Squad is 7in7’s initiative to give back in meaningful, lasting ways. Every year 7in7 will be adopting a local organization from our host city and helping them in whatever way we can. And not just for one day after the conference, but hopefully for years to come.

Our Year One organization is Steps with Theera and their 1in68 campaign to raise awareness of Thai youth with autism. You can learn more and donate to the cause here.

Have an idea about a Year Two organization in Barcelona? Let us know!