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A group photo on stage at 7in7 Year Four in Wellington

Tons of amazing nomads in one space

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Meet fellow long-term nomads and enjoy meetups based on mutual interests: yoga on the roof? Pet owners? CEOs with a passion for board games? It’s up to you!

Most importantly, you’ll learn from those who’ve been living the location independent life for two, five, or more than ten years. Each and every attendee has knowledge to share – and you’ll meet all of them. Find your people.

Incredible speakers

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We look for speakers who have something genuine to share, whether it’s sustainable living, the future of remote work, diversity in the nomad space, the realities of multi-decade travel, living a well-designed life, building your investment portfolio, setting up a home base, or having a family on the road.

Check out our fantastic lineup of speakers for Year Five!

An inclusive space

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7in7 is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for people of all races, genders, sexualities, abilities, and backgrounds. From our core team to our speaker list to our attendees, we want to make sure 7in7 is a safe space for everyone to share, learn, and have a blast!

Here’s our Code of Conduct.

An entertaining venue

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Year One’s venue was a giant egg-shaped coworking space and conference venue packed with crazy wall art. Year Two’s venue was a converted industrial warehouse with natural woods, abundant light, and just a bit of artifical turf. Year Three’s venue was a modern performance theatre with an attached cafe and restaurant, an adjacent park, and free doggos.

Year Four’s venue was a national library, which not only showcases extensive local and native cultural collections, but also sits on a foundation of subterranean vaults and archives.

Year Five’s venue is an art-filled coworking space right in the heart of Mont-Royal – Montréal’s coolest neighborhood. Great coffee and bagels at your fingertips.

A beautiful city

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The next conference will be held in the beautiful Canadian city of Montréal!

This city has it all: beautiful architecture, a world-famous street art scene, a gorgeous mountain park right next to downtown, a bilingual population, and it’s the most affordable city in all of the US & Canada!

Not to mention their famous bagels (that are different – dare we say better? – than NY bagels), huge bowls of poutine, and smoked deli sandwiches. Our mouths are watering already!