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Year-round global community

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Wouldn’t it be great to spend more time with your friends? Living a location independent life can be tricky, and coordinating travel plans isn’t always possible. While events like the 7in7 Conference provide an amazing opportunity to gather with your people, they (sadly) only happen once a year.

The 7in7 Society lets you keep the magic going the rest of the time!

It’s an online community exclusively for experienced digital nomads, so you’ll be interacting with the same awesome humans you’d meet and mingle with at a 7in7 Conference.

More time with friends. Less scanning Twitter trends.

What’s included:

  • Monthly expert sessions (Q&As and webinars)
  • 10% off your ticket to 7in7 Year Four 1
  • Coworking hangouts
  • Private Facebook group
  • Seasonal challenges
  • Nomad achievement badges

1 Only applies to annual memberships

It’s just US$15/mo.
That’s cheaper than 3 cold brews in NYC

What Society Members Are Saying

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Sarah Benvenuti

Sarah Benvenuti

Benvenuti Arts

“The 7in7 Conference has helped me build such a wonderful community of nomads, so the Society was a no-brainer for me. I’m so excited to stay more connected to everyone throughout the year and meet up around the world!”

Abigail Lind

Abigail Lind

Higher Education Admissions Consultant

“I truly feel like I’ve found my people with the 7in7 Society. The events are always fun and informative, and I’m now friends with many of the members IRL! Thanks for being a great source of knowledge, fun, and support.”

Sarah Kainec

Sarah Kainec

Bit Motif

“7in7 has allowed me to make friends as I’ve begun my solo digital nomad journey. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and will be lifelong friends. I’ve already had experiences with this group of people that I will never forget, and the amount of support I’ve received is overwhelming. I love 7in7!” 🙂

Simon Partridge

Simon P.

Freelance Editor

“I’ve loved having the opportunity to keep in touch with this great community year-round. I always look forward to the monthly events, like the games night, so I can check in and have fun with some of my favourite people!”

Monthly expert sessions

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There’s nothing cooler than learning new things as an adult. We do this every year at the 7in7 Conference with our speakers and workshop facilitators, but we want more 7in7-quality content throughout the year. So we’re going digital.

Every month, we’ll host a hand-picked expert session in our private Facebook group. Some months this may take the form of a webinar. Other times it may be an interactive Q&A. You’re free to lurk or participate as you please!

Chrys Tan discusses nomad dating at 7in7 Year Three
Heather Thorkelson discusses traveling to Antarctica at 7in7 Year Two

All sessions will be recorded and available exclusively to Society members.

What other topics can you expect? Past expert sessions have covered everything from video strategy to fitness & nutrition to asking great questions… so the sky’s the limit on this one.

Coworking hangouts

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We can’t always be in the same city, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. Once a month, we’ll organize a group coworking session so we can see all your lovely faces!

7in7 co-founder Kyrie Melnyck on her laptop
7in7 Society coworking hangout

Get feedback on your latest product, ask for advice, or simply show off your workspace. We’re here to help each other out, signal boost, and high five our screens awkwardly.

Private Facebook group

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The beating heart of the 7in7 Society is the Facebook group.

It’s our digital nexus. Not only is it a safe, welcoming, and engaging place to chat with fellow experienced nomads, it’s where we host our range of Society programming.

A group of nomads chatting at 7in7 Year Three
A group of nomads in a breakout session at 7in7 Year Two

Seasonal challenges

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What’s a community without a little friendly competition? Each month we’ll introduce whimsical challenges in the Facebook group, drawing inspiration from the current season, where we’re all living and traveling… and memes.

Some of these could be quite easy, like taking a selfie with your latte. Others might require a feat of nomadic skill, like taking a selfie with a latte with your likeness carved in the foam.

A game of Werewolf on stage at 7in7 Year Three
7in7 Year Three attendee taking a selfie with a latte

These challenges will bring us closer together as a community. We all like puzzles right?

Nomad achievement badges

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Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, 7in7 co-founders Nick and Kit came across a booth selling nerdy merit badges for all the hard work that goes into attending conventions. It was a fantastic idea, so we are 100% stealing it.

A Cruising Cartoonist comic of Kyrie searching for venues
A Cruising Cartoonist comic of Nick drinking lots of coffee

These badges are silly. They could even measure actual achievements. Some will be public, others kept secret and mysterious. A badge for publishing your first book. Having more than a dozen laptop stickers. Getting a new client. Eating a burger. Eating LOTS of burgers.

What’s the point? Technically there isn’t one. This is just for fun. Beacuse having fun with friends is kind of a big deal.

Is the 7in7 Society for you?

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If you’ve been location independent for at least a year and want more community, then yes!

If you’re a newbie who’s just getting started, then no.

If you’ve been to a 7in7 Conference before, it’s a great way to stay connected. If you’ve never been, it’s a great way to get into the community before attending!

7in7’s mission statement is about diversity, community, collaboration, and sustainability, and these core values extend to the 7in7 Society. Our Code of Conduct may have been designed for the conference, but it applies here too. All ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, and body types are welcome.


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Yes! Get in touch.


Also yes!


Triple yes!


Yes to infinity and beyond.


It’s certainly possible. But we’re doing some heavy lifting here. No n00bs. Daily engagement. Regular 7in7-quality content. It’s the best experienced nomad community on the planet.


After you sign up for an annual 7in7 Society membership, we’ll send you an email within 72 hours with a unique discount link to buy your ticket to 7in7 Year Four!


Don’t see your question here?

Contact us! We’re nice.

Join the 7in7 Society for year-round global community and mayhaps some cool badges

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7in7 Society

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What’s included?

  • Year-round global community

  • Monthly expert sessions (Q&As and webinars)

  • 10% off your ticket to 7in7 Year Four 1 a US$58 value!

  • Coworking hangouts

  • Private Facebook group

  • Seasonal challenges

  • Nomad achievement badges

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We want to make sure everyone feels safe and respected online. The 7in7 Society is a 100% harassment-free community and there will be no toleration of harassment towards participants in any form.