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7in7 Year Four Wellington Meetups Guide

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The entire mission of 7in7 is to make location independent life better by creating long-lasting community amongst digital nomads – what we lovingly refer to as our “nomad family.” One of our absolute favorite ways to do this is with attendee-created meetups!

Aerial yoga sessions, travel hacking skillshares, LGBTQ karaoke nights, cat cafe hangouts, masterminding, wine country day trips, hikes overlooking the city, craft brewery tastings, and of course our annual nomad brunch – this is where some of the most fun happens at 7in7!

If you can think it, you can host it.

Any 7in7er – from speaker to attendee – can create & attend meetups. And we’re here to help you make one!

Who can host a meetup?

Any 7in7er! Meetups are hosted by 7in7 attendees, speakers, workshoppers, panelists, volunteers, apprentices, and founders.

How do I create one?

In the first week of October, you’ll be emailed a link to download our iPhone App or go to 7in7.co/meetups and sign in (instructions will be in the email). You’ll just need to enter the date, time, location + description, and you’re done!

What should it be about?

That’s up to you! Whether you want to gather fellow introverted nomads, find some people to do an escape room with you, meet up with your new LGBTQIA community, host a group of entrepreneur developers, or find a friend to join you at the local vegan cafe – whatever you can imagine, you can find your people.

You can also use this as an opportunity to lead a small workshop, do a skillshare, or promote your work in other ways!

When can I host it?

You can host it anytime during the conference from October 22-29, or even before and after those dates, but it’s best not to conflict with any of the major events. Here are the absolute best times to host a meetup:

  • October 18-21: Many 7in7ers will be in town, but there are no official events on these days!
  • Tuesday October 22: Anytime before 6pm
  • Wednesday October 23: Anytime before 6pm
  • Thursday October 24: 7-11am, 3:30pm-10pm
    (workshop day – some people will be busy from 11:30am-1pm and 2-3:30pm)
  • Friday October 25: 7-10am, 2:30pm-10pm
    (workshop day – some people will be busy from 10-11:30am and 12-2pm)
  • Saturday October 26: After 6pm
  • Monday October 28: 9am-12pm, after 5pm
    (workshop day – some people will be busy from 1pm-2:30pm and 3-5pm)
  • Tuesday October 29: Anytime
  • Wednesday October 30: After 3pm
    (volunteer day – some people will be busy from 9am-2:30pm)
  • October 31-November 3: Some 7in7ers will still be in town!

NOTE: If you want to host a meetup on October 28, check with the venue to make sure they’ll be open. It’s a national holiday in New Zealand.

I want to find a co-host!

Join the 7in7 Year Four Facebook Group and ask if anyone is interested in helping you organize the meetup 🙂

What information do I need to provide?

Make sure you let people know what to expect – if they need to pay for something (like a ticket to a show or a meal) or bring anything (like a laptop or notebook). You can now add a payment link directly to your meetup in the app!

And definitely make sure they know where they’re going: post the name & map location of the meetup location along with any landmarks, and who they’re looking for (ex: “We’ll meet in front of the cafe” or “I’ll be the person in the green shirt!”).

Where should I host it?

Wellington has more cafes, bars, and restaurants per capita than New York City! There are endless places to meet, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorites on this map and in a list below to help you out! Feel free to use Google or local meetup groups to find more!


  • Neo Cafe & Eatery – The fastest cafe wifi in Wellington AND the tastiest pancakes! Seating for smaller groups and bottomless coffee if you want it!
  • Leeds Street Bakery – Cute little shop with great cookies and enough space for a group of 4-8.
  • Karaka Cafe – It’s hard to beat this spot on a sunny day! Right on the waterfront, the outdoor seating is perfect for groups of 4-10, but it can fill up quickly when the weather’s nice!
  • Te Papa Cafe/Red Gates Bar – The Te Papa is truly one of the greatest museums in the world, but they also have a perfect meeting spot for groups of any size on the ground floor! The cafe is cafeteria-style, and on a nice day you can sit outside at the Red Gates Bar.
  • Mojo Market Lane – Bright, airy space with tasty coffee and light bites. Good for groups of any size!


  • Fidel’s Cafe – Comfort food & Cuban coffee in this super popular spot on Cuba! Good for groups of any size, but there is often a wait on weekends.
  • POP Wellington – Good spot for BBQ and drinks with groups of pretty much any size (just push the tables together!)
  • Aunty Mena’s Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe – Great meetup spot for veggie/vegan groups of less than 6 people!
  • Aroy – Casual Thai food spot on Cuba with lots of tasty options and seating for groups of any size.
  • Daruma Ramen – Really great ramen spot with tatami seating for groups of 4 or table seating for larger groups.


  • Fortune Favours – Wellington is famous for craft beer (in fact there’s a craft beer map challenge that will win you a prize!) and Fortune Favours is a great place to hang out with groups of 5-10.
  • The Library – NOT actually a library, this bar is perfect for cozy cocktails and small-ish groups of 4-10.
  • Fork and Brewer – Another one of Wellington’s famous craft breweries with seating for groups of all sizes! Plenty of food options
  • St John’s Bar and Restaurant – Art deco-inspired bar right on the waterfront, with outdoor seating for good days and a cozy indoors for cloudy days. Space for groups of all sizes.
  • The Backbencher Gastropub – A famous pub right down the street from the main 7in7 venue! Great bites and beers, plus caricature puppets of famous Kiwi politicians – it is across the street from Parliament, after all.


  • BizDojo Tory Street – This is where 7in7’s Games Night will be held! They have meeting rooms for rent and plenty of hot desks if you want to host a coworking event.
  • Home Cafe/National Library/He Matapihi Molesworth Library – On the main floor of the 7in7 venue there is a cafe with lots of seating, as well as plenty of open public seating in the atrium. The brand new He Matapihi Molesworth Library is also set to open in this building in October, and there will be plenty of workspace seating.
  • Arapaki Manners Library – A petite library in the CBD with a small workspace area.


  • Press Hall – This is a cool food court with everything from bao buns to vegan bowls to pasta. Plenty of seating for groups and everyone can eat what they want!
  • The park in front of Parliament – Across from the 7in7 venue sits Parliament, with its lovely green park with plenty of shady spots to sit on a sunny day.
  • Botanic Gardens – 25 hectares of gardens including native forest, a rose garden, and gorgeous views over the city. The cafe at the top of the cable car is a good meeting spot!
  • Timezone Arcade – Be a kid again and play arcade games with your friends!
  • Sweet Axe Throwing Co. – We take no responsibility for what you do here, but it seems like a pretty fun time!

Got any other questions? Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Kit Kit has been a digital nomad since 2009 and loves every bit of the location independent lifestyle, except that she can't have a cat. In addition to co-founding 7in7, she runs a social media consulting business and co-hosts the Nomad + Spice podcast.