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Where’s the best coffee in Wellington?

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It’s the most important question for any digital nomad. The first thing on your mind when you arrive to a new city. The only thought that matters when you wake up in the morning.

Where should I get coffee?

Resident caffeine aficionado and 7in7 co-founder Nick Schneble has got. You. COVERED.

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☕️ Where’s the best iced latte?

Best Ugly Bagels
5 Swan Ln

“It’s a beautiful, damn-near-perfect iced latte. Totally unassuming since the main draw are the bagel sandwiches. Off the main drag, so it’s not always overrun with passersby.”


☕️ Where’s the best cold brew?

97/99 Cuba Mall

“Right in the soup of Cuba St, and masquerading like a cross between an Urban Outfitters and a Spencer’s Gifts. Don’t be fooled; this is one of the best coffee spots in the city. It’s takeaway only, and the cold brew is smooth and hella cheap.”


☕️ Where’s the best cold drip?

97/99 Cuba Mall

“Trick question! COSMIC also has a ‘cold drip’ which is something like a cold brew shot. It’s impossibly cheap, and if you’ve ever had Kyoto-style cold brew, you’ll know what to expect. Be warned – they run out often.”


☕️ Where’s the best nitro?

Mojo Market Lane
1 Market Ln

“There are Mojos spread throughout Wellington, but this one is right by the water, and is cheery, bright, and YELLOW. It’s quiet and there’s tons of space inside.”


☕️ Where’s the best bottomless cup?

Neo Cafe & Eatery
132 Willis St

“Possibly the best cafe for coworking given its lighting-fast ⚡ wifi, they have a bottomless cup for the same price as a single coffee at most other places. It’s a bit snug inside, especially during the lunch rush.”


Be serious for a moment. Where’s the best hipster coffee?

Pour and Twist
13 Garrett St

“It simply doesn’t get any better than this. From lovingly crafted pour-over brews where the beans are individually weighed, to the iced kopi that will have you dreaming of Singapore… this place is a dream wrapped in hipster flannel. But approachable. Also they have treats.”

Hope that eases your caffeine anxiety! Got a suggestion I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Nick Nick’s been coding for over 20 years. As a nomadic software engineer, he’s worked with major brands like Disney and Adobe, but now focuses his time on remote clients and handling 7in7’s finances like a Swiss bank. He prides himself on his minimalism and loves to nurture creativity.