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Volunteer Spotlight: Vivienne Egan

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Putting on an epic two-day event is a LOT of work. We wouldn’t be able to pull anything off without our team of dedicated volunteers! From late-night advice to checking our attendees in on their first day in Bangkok, they are invaluable.

Come meet the people behind some of the smiling faces you’ll see at 7in7 2016! First up: Viv Egan – nomad, editor, feminist, and brilliant friend.

7in7 Digital Nomad Conference: Meet the Volunteers

What do you wish you knew when you started your digital nomad lifestyle?

Oh man… I wish I’d known that there are no shortcuts to creating a life that’s fulfilling, satisfying and interesting. It’s hard!

You’re a passionate feminist. How do you deal with the fact that women, people of color, and LGBTQ people are often underrepresented in the nomad space/media?

I make sure I follow and listen to people who aren’t just straight straight, white, middle class dudes in all domains – not just the digital nomad part of my life. I try to use my own privilege to educate others (they’re rarely interested though…?). I join groups on Facebook that expose me to a non-mainstream view of nomading. Doing that uncovers networks of nomads that are less visible but that are interesting and valuable – like 7in7!

What are you most excited to experience at 7in7?

I’m excited to see such a diverse and carefully curated group of speakers. At other events in the past I’ve seen speakers who have a clear agenda of selling themselves as the figurehead of a certain product/membership/coaching course/lifestyle and it can come off as cultish. For me, a good conference is one where you come away feeling like you’ve been tested and challenged, not just pumped full of hot air. I can already tell that 7in7 will be a good one.

7in7 Digital Nomad Conference: Meet the Volunteers
Half of the 7in7 team in Washington DC!

Bonus: If you had a podcast where you interviewed fictional characters, who would be your first guest?

Anne of Green Gables, my first feminist icon.

Oh em geeeee Anne of Green Gables!!! That was a welcome blast from the past! You are my feminist icon, Viv.

You can follow Viv on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to join her and the rest of our amazing volunteers at 7in7 2016 in Bangkok, from Oct 27-28. We can’t wait to meet you!

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