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A tropical jungle retreat in Colombia

We could all use a little more community

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Wouldn’t it be stellar if the year’s highlights were planned out for you? Living a location independent life can be tricky, and balance is elusive. 7in7 provides an amazing opportunity to gather with your people, but (sadly) it only happens once a year.

The 7in7 Retreaters not only gather online in the 7in7 Society, but they meet up for retreats and parties throughout the year. Never more than 18 people. Only 7in7ers. Once you’re in, there’s no planning and no extra costs. We take care of everything.

More time with friends. Less travel planning.

What’s included:

  • 5-day luxury spring retreat
  • 7in7 Year Four conference ticket
  • Annual dinner party 🥂
  • 5-day post-conference retreat
  • 7in7 Society membership

Enrollment for the 2019 7in7 Retreaters is now closed

Missed out? There will be an extremely limited number of spots available at the post-conference retreat for 7in7 Year Four attendees

Luxury spring retreat

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It’s the one trip of the year you don’t have to organize. We’ll come together in late spring for a 5-day luxury retreat. A nomad holiday, if you will.

As nomads we’ve become conditioned to constantly be available, since we can always pull out our phones and answer one more email. No more! We’re taking back the proper vacation and we’re doing it in style.

It’s an all-inclusive experience. Round-trip transport from the airport, all your meals, opulent accommodation, housekeeping, complimentary yoga mats, and any day trips.

For 2019, we’ve got our sights set on the Mediterranean…

An infinity pool looking out over the ocean in Greece
Communal seating on an outdoor patio in Greece
Communal dining outdoors in Greece

These are sample images. The actual venue may look different, but’ll be just as awesome!

Private cinema at a luxury rental in Greece

Pool time. Epic views. Great conversation over communal dining. Maybe even a private cinema. Oh, and you better believe we’ll be bringing the games.

7in7 Conference and dinner party

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7in7 Retreaters get an all-access ticket to 7in7 Year Four. Three days of workshops, two days of main stage events, parties, meetups, and more are all yours!

A digital postcard of Oriental Bay in Wellington, New Zealand

For Year Four, we’ll kick off your arrival in Wellington with an exclusive dinner party and a cultural introduction worthy of Gandalf himself. Roll out the red carpet and don your finest attire… this’ll be a celebration for the ages!

7in7 Year Three attendees eating lunch in Medellín
7in7 Year Three group photo
A chef cooking in a fancy kitchen

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An exotic plate of seafood

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Post-conference retreat

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The annual tradition continues! The fall retreat is the perfect backdrop to relax and detox after a jam-packed week of conference events with an intimate group of 7in7ers.

We’ll harness all the inspiration from the conference in a goal-setting mastermind session, relax in the country, have epic game nights, and maybe even take a day to explore Abel Tasman National Park.

We take care of everything. Round-trip transport from Wellington, all your meals, epicurean accommodation, daily housekeeping, complimentary yoga mats, and more.

While the post-conference retreat is open to all attendees, we limit it to a max of 18 people. Last year’s retreat sold out in 24 hours, but all 7in7 Retreaters have their spots guaranteed!

Ready for 5 days of this?

Hannah Dixon

Hannah Dixon

Digital Nomad Kit

“The 7in7 Nomad Retreat was such a fulfilling experience in so many ways for me. Not only did it give me the opportunity to deepen some of the amazing connections I made at the event itself, but the goal setting session and accountability that followed bled into the rest of my working year and was a huge help. The venue was beautiful and I cannot wait to relive the experience in Colombia this year!”

Martina Donkers

Martina Donkers

Professional Writer

“The Nomad Retreat was an amazing way to strengthen connections with new friends, deep dive into specific nomading challenges, and have loads of fun. Stand-up paddle boarding, Exploding Kittens, brownies, and an incredible group of nomads – what more could you want?”

Christine Cadalzo

Christine Cadalzo

Web Developer

“Nomad Retreat was amazing. Not only was it refreshing to spend time relaxing with people who ‘get’ me, but I had so many great conversations that helped me improve my quality of life as a nomad.”

Mariza Monteiro

Mariza Monteiro


“The Nomad Retreat is more than an after-conference retreat. It takes the strong sense of community you feel at 7in7 to a more intimate level, whether you want to debrief from the conference, work on a business idea or just chill with your new friends – I did all three and loved it! Oh and infinity pool this year. Enough said.”

Society benefits +

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We may come together IRL in spring and fall, but there’s a year-round global community that’s chock of other 7in7ers and awesome location independent humans in the 7in7 Society.

7in7 Retreaters get all the membership benefits, from monthly expert sessions, to coworking hangouts, a private Facebook group, seasonal challenges, and of course…

Nomad achievement badges

We all love a little recognition… and winning stuff.

Plus! A private group chat just for Retreaters, to support one another in our endeavours, successes, and failures… and to share cat GIFs. Oh, and a monthly accountability group. Did we mention the accountability group? We’ll come together in a supportive atmosphere to set goals, ask questions, and get shit done.

You can learn more about the 7in7 Society here.

7in7 Year Three retreaters group photo

Who this isn’t for

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While every retreat will have space for alone time and personal reflection, if you’re uncomfortable spending 5 days in close quarters with your fellow nomads, then this group probably isn’t the right fit.

This is for the planners. For those who thrive in groups and shared experiences. It’s not just a bucket list for organized extroverts, but it’s an intimate and supportive community.

There’s also an element of uncertainty and expectation. Uncertainty in precisely when and how all our meticulously organized details will be available. An expectation that you’ll attend the meticulously organized retreats in their entirety.

7in7’s mission statement is about diversity, community, collaboration, and sustainability, and these core values extend to this tight-knit group of Retreaters. Our Code of Conduct may have been designed for the conference, but it applies here too. All ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, and body types are welcome.

We are 100% introvert friendly! The Retreaters will never exceed 18 people, and the retreats are designed for as much or as little interaction as you’d like, and on your terms.


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We’ve got you! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, or have any sort of food allergy… rest assured there will be an abundance of tasty noms at the retreats that will fit your diet and not require a shot of epinephrine.

If you’ve got an environmental allergy, we’ll do our best to mitigate the impact. While we’re semi-powerless against wildflowers, if you have an animal allergy we can certainly avoid retreats with animals.


Lucky for you, we’re fantastic planners. Not only will we be super diligent about communicating updates and important dates, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the retreats fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Should calamity strike, we’ll work it out.


It takes time and money to plan two retreats, and it’s not an enterprise that lends itself to last minute additions. We’d rather have our group of nomads and our budget set at the start of the year, so we can focus on providing an amazing experience.


Our goal is for everyone (or every couple) to have private rooms at the luxury spring retreat. For the post-conference retreat, it’ll likely be shared accomodation with rooms for two to three people, but with single supplements available (depending on the venue).


We’ll announce details for the luxury spring retreat in January. Basic details for the post-conference retreat will be available after 7in7 Year Four Early Bird tickets go on sale in spring, with more in-depth details (and the itinerary) dropping in September.


Don’t see your question here?

Contact us! We’re nice.

Join the 7in7 team for a spring retreat in the Mediterranean, 7in7 Year Four, and a fall retreat in New Zealand

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7in7 Retreaters

society membership + nomad retreats

What’s included: 1

  • Everything in the 7in7 Society! a US$180 value!

  • ✨ PLUS ✨

  • 7in7 Year Four conference ticket a US$579 value!

  • 5-day luxury spring retreat a US$1290 value!

  • 5-day post-conference retreat a US$860 value!

  • Private group chat

  • Monthly accountability group

  • Annual dinner party 🥂

– OR –
Save an additional US$264!

Enrollment for the 2019 7in7 Retreaters is now closed