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Dur Montoya speaking at 7in7 Year Three

Year Five Speaker Application

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Thank you for applying to speak at 7in7 Year Five in Cape Town, South Africa!

The main purpose of our event is to create a safe and welcoming space for experienced digital nomads, remote workers, and other experienced location independent humans to connect and build community. We’re thrilled you want to be a part of that!

First, some more info about the event…

About the Conference

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Our speakers, workshop facilitators, and panelists literally set the stage for the one-on-one conversations that are the most important part of 7in7.

Please check out past years to get a sense of what we’re looking for:

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Placeholder image for the 7in7 Year Two conference page
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Don’t be afraid to get creative. Here’s some of our most popular content from past events:

  • A workshop on worldschooling
  • A speech on “untranslatable” words
  • A workshop on emotional intelligence
  • A speech on the changing visa laws for digital nomads around the world
  • An authentic relating games night

Attendee Stats

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Some stats about our attendees:

  • There are only 100 of them. We keep our event small on purpose to make sure that everyone has a chance to connect with everyone else. If chosen to participate as a speaker, workshop facilitator, or panelist, you will be expected to engage with the community as much as you feel comfortable. We’re very introvert-friendly.

  • They are experienced. All attendees are required to have been living some form of location independent life for at least one year. While some are still in the early stages of their journey, most have been living as a nomad/location independent for more than 3 years.

  • They are 50% freelancers, 30% entrepreneurs, and 20% remote workers. Many, if not most, are a mix of several.

  • They are 75% women.

  • They are mostly from “western” nations like the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, and Australia, but we attract people from Indonesia, Costa Rica, and other parts of the globe. We have a scholarship program to offer free tickets and assistance to people from less privileged backgrounds.

  • Some have home bases, some don’t. Most plan to have a base of some sort in the future.

  • Many don’t like to identify as “digital nomads” because of the bromad connotations, but we have yet to come up with a better descriptive noun 🙂

Things to Know

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Things to know about 7in7:

  • It’s a week-long event. There’s two days of meetups (led by attendees and speakers alike), three days of interactive workshops, two days of main stage events, and one volunteer opportunity to cap it all off. We hope you’ll join us for as much as you can.

  • We want to get to know you. If we like your application, you’ll have a call with a member of our team where we’ll talk to you more about why you’d like to come to 7in7 and what you have to share.

  • We prioritize diversity. We want to give a platform to voices and ideas we haven’t all heard before. That means we look for age, gender, and racial diversity, as well as focusing on what you have to share that’s different and challenging.

  • We love sticking to a clear schedule. If accepted, you’ll be asked to sign a legally binding agreement to appear at 7in7 Year Five. Speakers and workshop facilitators will be expected to adhere to a schedule that includes providing an outline of your talk or workshop in summer 2021 and submitting any final slides two weeks before the event.

  • We don’t shill. You may not sell or promote any particular product or service at any time during the session(s). You can of course mention your book/business/whatever, but “If you buy my course, I can teach you how to make $100,000 in a month!” is not our style.


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What about compensation?

  • We believe in paying people for their work. All speakers, workshop leaders, panelists, and moderators receive an all-access ticket to 7in7 Year Five. Workshop leaders receive a US$500 stipend, and speakers are paid based on speech length:


Speech Length


5 minutes


10 minutes


15 minutes


20 minutes


25 minutes


30 minutes

  • We do not cover airfare and accommodation. If possible, we will offer you a discounted rate at a hotel near the venue(s).

  • We cannot offer free tickets to your partner or members of your family. However, if you’d like someone to come just to observe your talk/panel/workshop, that can be arranged.


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We’ll notify applicants of their status on a rolling basis. Please look for our emails!