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Let’s get our GAME ON ?

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Listen. We travel for food. But why do we gather? For a much higher purpose. A greater calling. We gather TO BATTLE. To battle for supremacy across fields of pine, plastic, and carpet.

Where can a proper nomad get their game on in Wellington?

Just like with coffee, resident laser tag shadow elf and 7in7 co-founder Nick Schneble has got your back. Edit: Until he betrays you.

Board game pieces

? Where’s the best spot for board games?

Caffeinated Dragon Games
70 Victoria St

“The quintessential board game shop. The walls are lined with every board game imaginable, there’s tables in the middle to play, and there’s a cafe in back to stay, well… caffeinated.”

This will also be the site of the first-ever 7in7 Board Game Hackathon!


? Where’s the best spot for arcade games?

Timezone Courtenay
60 Courtenay Pl

“The arcade is alive and well in central Wellington. Timezone is a throwback to a simpler time, where tiny basketball hoops, poorly planned alien takeovers, spinning lights, and probably a fair amount of candy were the orders of the day.”


? Where’s the best spot to terrorize small humans?

Laserforce Wellington
133 Tory St

“Let’s be real for a moment. Does it literally get any better than laser tag? Like, ever? IT DOES NOT. This is the place. The pews may be simulated, but the tears of the vanquished are real.”


⚔️ Where’s the best spot to toss pointy objects?

Sweet Axe Throwing Co.
58 Kent Terrace

“This one’s pretty straightforward. As in you throw axes straight in front of you. Probably at targets? You should go and find out.”


Where’s the best spot for an escape room?

Escape Mate
12 Johnston St

“There’s two escape rooms here – THE SPACESHIP and THE TEMPLE – and if their website is to be believed, they’re frickin’ awesome.”

? Where’s the best spot for board games + beers?

Counter Culture Board Game Cafe & Bar
211 Victoria St

“Counter Culture has over 600 board games, staff to help out like gaming sommeliers, and a full bar and food menu. It’s the after hours board game pub of your dreams.”

It’s also where this month’s 7in7 Tabletop Gaming Session will be taking place!


? Bring it home. Where’s the best spot for bowling?

The Lanes
234/238 Wakefield St

“Craft brews. Salty treats. Smooth… oak? Maple? Who knows what bowling lanes are made of these days. But that atmospheric lighting sure makes them gleam like star trails.”


Hope that offers ample options for all your gaming needs! Got a suggestion I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Nick Nick’s been coding for over 20 years. As a nomadic software engineer, he’s worked with major brands like Disney and Adobe, but now focuses his time on remote clients and handling 7in7’s finances like a Swiss bank. He prides himself on his minimalism and loves to nurture creativity.