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7 Reasons 7in7 is Unlike Any Other Conference

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Digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent humans of all stripes are spoiled for choice when it comes to events. Every year when you sit down to think about what conferences and events you should attend it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options in front of you.

So what makes fellow nomads buy tickets for 7in7 every year before they even know the dates? Are they just crazy?

It is pretty radical for nomads to plan over a year out before they know any of the details besides the continent. But once you’ve been to 7in7, you’ll understand why people organize their entire year around coming to this one week-long event.

7in7 is EXCLUSIVELY for experienced digital nomads.

Only people who have been location independent for more than a year can join the 7in7 family. This is not only because we curate content specifically for those of us who’ve been nomads for 3, 7, or even 15+ years (no newbie “how to be a nomad” topics on our stage), but because this helps create a much more welcoming community. Read more about this decision here.

If you’ve ever been at a nomad meetup surrounded by newbies peppering you with questions about how to work from anywhere, you’ll understand why.

There are only 100 attendees.

The entire mission of 7in7 is to create a supportive community of long-term digital nomads. Attendance is capped at 100 people to allow you to truly connect with speakers, founders, panelists, volunteers, and fellow attendees.

Less sitting on your butt, more engaging.

We don’t sit you in a dark theater for 8 hours a day so you can listen to talks you could’ve watched on YouTube. We prioritize community-building with more small-scale breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, and dozens of attendee-led meetups around everything from ax-throwing to podcasting.

We’ve got 8 days of events. (And it’s workday-friendly.)

Unlike most conferences, 7in7 has an entire week of incredible content. Eight days, actually, if you include our annual volunteer opportunity (and why wouldn’t you?!).

We start with a welcome happy hour and a games night to get you introduced to the community, and then kick off 3 days of workshops (you get access to two with your ticket, but you’re free to add more if you want to experience it all!). And of course, attendees are hosting their famous meetups during this time, whether it’s 4 people going for a hike at dawn or 40 enjoying a local food market.

Then we move on to the main event: two days of main stage talks, panels, and breakout sessions – which happen on a weekend so you don’t have to worry about taking off work. We close out the week with more workshops and the aforementioned volunteer day, and then we all have brunch because we deserve it after such an epic week.

You can check out the official schedule from Year Three to get a feel for the week!

The people are truly incredible.

The reason alumni return again and again: to make friends, build projects, start movements, and shape the future of location independence. This community is truly a family. Long after the event ends we’re arranging hangouts all over the world, connecting each other with new business opportunities, helping each other when someone has to go to the hospital, and planning legendary birthday parties.

And of course, we’re all hanging out in the digital 7in7 Society.

75% of attendees are women.

Our women-led team puts on conferences where the majority of speakers, volunteers, and attendees are women. We aim to center the voices of nomads who aren’t usually seen on stages and lift up ideas we haven’t all heard before.

We make sure every part of our conference is a safe space for all gender expressions and sexualities. Here’s our Code of Conduct.

Oh yeah, and it’s on all 7 continents.

I almost forgot! The name 7in7 comes from the concept: 7 conferences over 7 years on 7 continents. This event has been held in Bangkok, Barcelona, Medellín, and this year’s event is in stunningly beautiful Wellington, New Zealand.

Because what kind of nomads would we be if we didn’t explore?

So what are you waiting for? Join the greatest global community this side of the galaxy. Grab your ticket to 7in7 Year Four today.

Kit Kit has been a digital nomad since 2009 and loves every bit of the location independent lifestyle, except that she can't have a cat. In addition to co-founding 7in7, she runs a social media consulting business and co-hosts the Nomad + Spice podcast.