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The All-New 7in7 Apprenticeship Program

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One thing that’s been hard for us to do as an organization exclusively for experienced nomads is to help new nomads find their footing in location independent life. We’re also a 100% volunteer team that has a lot of work to do in the next 3 months!

So, we’ve put together the 7in7 Apprenticeship Program.

We’re looking for newbie nomads and people interested in getting into the location independent lifestyle who are in need of some guidance as they navigate this brave new world.

In exchange for joining our awesome volunteer team a few hours per week, the apprentice will receive a monthly coaching call with the 7in7 founders focused on the career path of their choice, a US$100 stipend, and two tickets to 7in7 Year Three so they can not only learn from the experts on our team, but soak up all the knowledge at the event.

All the details and more info on the mentors are on the application page.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Applications are due by August 15, 2018! We cannot wait to meet you!

Kit A crazy cat lady and cheery extrovert, Kit has made her living as a marketing consultant since she began digital nomad life a decade ago. She’s also the founder of Nomad + Spice, an awesome podcast for location independent women.